Jerry Kantor

Jerry Kantor


Jerry M. Kantor, L.Ac., CCH, MMHS, is a faculty member of the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine and owner of Vital Force Health Care LLC, a Boston-area homeopathy and acupuncture practice. The first acupuncturist to receive an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Anaesthesiology, Kantor is the author of Interpreting Chronic Illness, The Toxic Relationship Cure, and Autism Reversal Toolbox. He lives in Dedham, Massachusetts.



Past Shows:

  • Remote Viewing & Predictions / Homeopathic Psychiatry

    Clairvoyant and spiritual healer Douglas James Cottrell conducted a live remote viewing experiment and offered predictions for 2023. Followed by homeopathic practitioner Jerry M. Kantor on the history of homeopathic psychiatry.More »

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