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Remote Viewing & Predictions / Homeopathic Psychiatry

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In the first half, clairvoyant and spiritual healer Douglas James Cottrell joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss quantum meditation: the ability to access the Akashic field to arrive at information beyond conscious knowledge. Other features of this phenomenon include moving backward and forward in time, intuitive understanding, and amplified mind projection and remote viewing. In particular, Cottrell went on, he's used these abilities to detect health issues and locate missing persons. Despite its source within the human mind, however, quantum meditation doesn't involve intense concentration or effort; instead, it's a matter of suspending conscious thought in order to intuitively see the images and information as they present themselves.

Cottrell also offered his prophetic view for the near future. Regarding Russia's current invasion of Ukraine, he's envisioned radioactivity in the region that suggests nuclear warfare of some kind. He also sees a shortage of food sometime in the coming months, as well as banking disruptions that will prevent the withdrawal of funds. He does not see a return of pandemic-related shutdowns or a forced adoption of an all-digital currency, however.

In the second hour, Cottrell conducted a live on-air remote viewing experiment, his fifth on the show with Richard. As with his prior experiments, Cottrell placed an everyday object (photo here) on his desktop and invited Richard and the show's listeners to envision what it was. Reports from callers included a picture of the Earth and an alarm clock, while Richard's initial impressions were that of a rectangular object with a shiny surface.


A researcher and practitioner of homeopathy and acupuncture, Jerry M. Kantor was the guest in the latter half. Calling chronic illness "the body's failure to complete a detoxifying effort," he explained that homeopathic remedies make such conditions manageable and treatable. The substances used in such treatments, he continued, can include a multitude of natural substances including plants, minerals, and even gases. And although on a molecular level, these substances may all but disappear during the process of their extensive dilution, it's the energy they possess that remains, making the difference in their effectiveness.

But the benefits of homeopathy don't address physical ailments alone, Kantor said: the entire person —including one's personality, mind, and soul— are intertwined with the effects of the healing substance on the body. In this way, Kantor claimed, homeopathy has the potential to work on an existential level. A woman experiencing anxiety about her work/life balance, for example, may find that a homeopathic treatment affects that issue, along with skin or gynecological issues.

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