Joe Hauser

Joe Hauser


Joe Hauser is an expert on terrestrial vortexes and geomagnetic or electromagnetic anomalies and has been actively studying them for twenty years. He and his wife Tammy live on the grounds of the Montana Vortex in Columbia Falls, Montana. The Montana Vortex is the strongest vortex field in North America and quite possibly one of the most paranormal places in the country. UFO, and Bigfoot sightings and experiences, are common along with a host of other paranormal activities. Joe has been involved in paranormal research for over forty years. He had his first UFO sighting at thirteen years of age in Baja, California and his first Bigfoot experience in the Sierras in 1983. 

In 2005 Joe had his first Bigfoot sighting at Glacier National Park in Montana and has continued to interact with these beings on a regular basis. Joe and Tammy have made a career out of studying and researching Vortexes, UFOs, Bigfoot, orbs, thunderbirds, and other mysterious anomalies and sacred sites in the United States. Joe has spoken at several Bigfoot, UFO and paranormal conferences around the country and recently co-produced the MontanaCon Mystery Conference at the Montana Vortex. Joe’s first book will be published in early 2024 and is titled "Keepers of the Vortex”.


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