Bigfoot Vortex / Subterranean Realms

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Bigfoot Vortex / Subterranean Realms

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In the first half, Joe Hauser , owner of the Montana Vortex roadside attraction, joined Connie Willis (info) for a discussion of various types of activity at his property – ranging from UFO activity, orbs, and energy changes, to Bigfoot and Thunderbird sightings. He also touched on his first experience with a UFO, at age 13 while on a treasure hunting trip with his father, his experiences with what he believes are Bigfoot purposely obscuring cameras, and his attempts to communicate with them at the vortex property (view related photos). 

Hauser said Bigfoot, who enjoy playing in the Mystery House at night, will sometimes leave gifts like feathers or sticks on a path for them to find. At other times they will leave small rocks on areas that have already been cleaned and swept. Hauser believes some of these interactions are juvenile Bigfoot acting mischievously. He also recounted how he asked the Bigfoot for permission before placing cameras to capture evidence. This included attempts to open a portal by putting energy into the vortex. But despite his polite request, he found the camera discarded over the hill. He said they only left the cameras alone after his wife interceded in a more diplomatic tone. 

Hauser contends that the Bigfoot on his property aren’t purely physical. “They travel in the form of an orb, and they manifest in this dimension like a light being,” he remarked, explaining that they can also take physical form, and this is why tracks sometimes seem to appear and disappear without any further trace. 


The paranormal Bigfoot conversation continued in the second half with Thom Powell, a science educator and author who writes on ‘fringe science’ topics. Powell described the trickster nature of the phenomenon, noting, “What you find, eventually, is that when you study these topics, all of a sudden you realize that they’re studying you too.” As an example, Powell discussed an incident where he returned home from an unresponsive Bigfoot outing, only to have his wood knocks (attempts to communicate by hitting trees with sticks) answered when he exited his vehicle at home – 100 miles from where he’d been investigating earlier. He and Connie also discussed “mind-to-mind” communication with Bigfoot before moving on to his upcoming book on subterranean UFOs.

Powell said while the entities dwelling under the surface of the Earth may have originated off planet, they’ve been on Earth for thousands of years. He believes they were responsible for the pyramids, which he said were now inactive power plants, and that the dirt removed for their underground bases may have been used to construct effigy mounds like the Serpent Mound here in the Americas. In support of his subterranean hypothesis Powell cited NASA plans to put astronauts underground in inhospitable environments off planet as well as the creation of deep underground military bases. He also noted that some of the access points for these underground bases could be beneath the sea, explaining USOs, or unidentified submersible objects, that are sometimes reported in conjunction with UFO activity.  

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