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J.S. Garrett

J.S. Garrettpicture


J.S. Garrett is a 'Metaphysical Mad Scientist' who is obsessed with rediscovering the secrets of the great magicians of the ancient world, figuring out how they accomplished the seemingly impossible, such as living for hundreds of years, parting oceans, raising the dead, or summoning storms to wipe out entire armies. Garrett specializes in many different areas, but the thing he is most passionate about is helping other magicians awaken their inner godhood; helping them to reach a level of power and ascent they never dreamed possible.


Past shows:

COVID-19 Timeline / Dark Shamanism

Dr. Eric Haseltine spoke on using the internet to predict trends in the COVID-19 crisis. J.S. Garrett described his work as a ritual magician. More »


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