COVID-19 Timeline / Dark Shamanism

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COVID-19 Timeline / Dark Shamanism

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Dr. Eric Haseltine, brain doctor and former government intelligence employee, has looked into mysterious online trends in the COVID-19 timeline. He joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss what was known and when it was known from the tracking perspective. Haseltine originally asked "what can we learn about health by looking at what people look for on the internet?" He studied the history of search terms associated with the virus, such as "SARS," "fever," cough,' etc. and found that there was a cluster of people around Wuhan, China, who were using these very search terms in searches in September and October of 2019. Satellite imagery at the time showed increased activity around major hospitals as well. Strangely, when he went to look for the data on Google just the day before this interview, it had mysteriously vanished. Haseltine indicated this wasn't the first time this had occurred with controversial issues.

Haseltine's wife, Chris, a medical professional, joined the show briefly, and commented that internet search spikes in China "really predicted the future" of the virus' spread and continue to do so, concluding that "when the searches go up, the cases go up." Haseltine detailed other applications for utilizing internet search trends to predict the future, such as using it as a tool for stock market analysis. He has noticed that an increase in searches for the word "debt" are followed by a market downturn or crash. He also suggested that the COVID-19 virus is not manmade because his research indicates it has "none of the hallmarks of a bioweapon," such as the way it mutates and its structure. He recommended that public officials concentrate on encouraging good behaviors such as social distancing and the wearing of masks.


J.S. Garrett calls himself a Metaphysical Mad Scientist. He discussed the Magickal Scientific Method, which relies on a deep spiritual connection that allows him to commune with and learn directly from the spirits, along with his extreme form of practice which focuses mainly on angelic and demonic evocation. Garrett began his practice, he recalled, when his "back was against the wall" and he was in a dire situation. At that time, he found that magickal practices actually worked for him, and others who he now tries to help with tailor-made rituals to address problems with health, love, and prosperity. Garrett emphasized that the "spells work whether you believe in it or not." He talked about his setup, which consists of a "30-foot permanent magic circle" in his backyard and his down-to-earth techniques, which do not involve costumes or "unnecessary theatrics."

Garrett begins by asking clients "in-depth questions," from which he devises a remedy using forces and spirits that are best for the problems and issues needing resolution. For instance, he described the ritual for helping those with substance abuse as beginning with a consultation and then a ritual in which he summons a particular spirit or "angel of deliverance" who can help the client. He then performs a "blood sacrifice" in exchange for the entity's services and then another for the spirit of the person having the issue. He has a similar ritual for increasing wealth, but offers the sacrifice to a different entity. For the blood, Garrett uses chickens, which he also raises for eggs and food, but for trials that involve him personally, he said he uses 20 milliliters of his own blood that he spills into the flames.

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