Sandra Wells

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Sandra Wells is an award-winning artist who has spent most of her life in a spiritual quest that ranged from becoming a follower of Rajneesh to practicing ceremonial magic with a renowned real magician. She has also done extensive research into what is known as integrative medicine, combining holistic and conventional therapies.

Past shows:

Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance / Exploring the Paranormal

Investigative journalist Dan E. Moldea discussed the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, and the connection to the JFK assassination. Followed by journalist Scott S. Smith and artist Sandra Wells on their explorations of the paranormal and UFOs. More »

Current Events and Astrology / Religion and the Paranormal

Theodore White shared predictions and insights based on 'astrometeorology.' Followed by Scott S. Smith and Sandra Wells with their work bridging the paranormal and religion. More »


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