Jusstine Kaye

Jusstine Kaye


Jusstine Kaye (formerly Kenzer) has been featured in publications around the world, from Goop to Glamour, and Newsweek to Time, just to name a few. She has also been seen on reality TV. Not only is she Hollywood’s go-to for psychic answers and spiritual healing, but she also has two very unique television shows in development, unlike anything that a psychic has done on TV before. Jusstine is a clairvoyant and has an incredible track record for predicting the future.

However, her true passion comes from helping people get unstuck and transform their lives. Her Heal Your Relationship Space download has helped thousands of individuals all over the world let go of the past and heal heartbreak in just 14 minutes flat. She also has created the PsychicGirl Protection Program, which is around-the-clock technology that broadcasts frequencies to help clean up a person's energy and their home (if haunted).


Past Shows:

  • Demonic Possessions / Psychic Readings

    Psychiatry professor Richard Gallagher discussed the world of demonic possession and shared stories from his 25-year career. Followed by LA-based psychic and clairvoyant Jusstine Kaye on how she conducts readings.More »

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