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Richard Gallagher is a professor of psychiatry, and a psychoanalyst on the faculty of Columbia University. A leading psychiatric authority on demonic activity, in the first half, he discussed the world of demonic possession and shared stories from his 25-year career assisting clergy and analyzing the possessed. He noted that cases of demonic possession are quite rare, and when people are diagnosed, it is generally because they're exhibiting preternatural abilities. These include speaking a foreign language while in a trance, demonstrating knowledge they could not possibly have known, and supernormal strength. "When somebody is speaking perfect Latin or levitating, you have to realize this is not mental illness. This is a foreign entity...which is usually attacking the person in a very distressing way," he explained.

Typically, in an instance of genuine possession, the person shows a constellation of symptoms rather than just one, he reported. There are a diversity of reasons why individuals become possessed, sometimes they unwittingly invite it in, though usually, it involves them turning to something very dark. Gallagher recounted specific cases, including a woman named Julia, a satanic high priestess (see previous recap), and a man named Juan who became involved in Santa Muerte, a kind of death cult that helped foster his career as a drug lord. While exorcisms conducted on Julia were ultimately not successful, Juan was able to be delivered after he was imprisoned, and a chaplain recommended an exorcism.


In the latter half, LA-based psychic and clairvoyant Jusstine Kaye talked about the way she conducts readings, and how she helps people get unstuck and transform their lives, as well as protect themselves from negative energies. She advised people to let go of the idea of finding a perfect soulmate and instead focus on a relationship that offers long-term compatibility. We can be negatively affected by the energy of others and some of that energy is absorbed by objects like the walls of our home, she shared. To deal with this, she and a partner developed the "PsychicGirl Protection Program," a technology that she says broadcasts healing frequencies for clearing, balancing, and warding off adverse energy effects.

When looking for a psychic, Kaye said to avoid people that want money for removing hexes or a spell. Do your research to find someone with a great track record that can help you find your own answers, she continued. In her readings, she gives clients specifics about their choices, and enables them to look at the future of a relationship or decision themselves, rather than relying strictly on "the psychic told me this." She recounted some of her more unusual readings with celebrity clients, including one with a woman whose children's hair would spontaneously combust. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers, asking them to present specific rather general questions.

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