Justin Harrison

Justin Harrison


Former stand-up comedian and filmmaker, Justin Harrison, has become one of the foremost experts in pioneering grief technology as the founder and CEO of YOV. In 2019, he found himself staring down death on two fronts: his own, from a near-fatal motorcycle accident, as well as his mother’s stage-4 cancer diagnosis. He was terrified of losing his mother and wanted something that could preserve the essence of their relationship. When Justin couldn’t find any existing technologies, he assembled a team of top AI specialists and YOV (You, Only Virtual) was born.


Past Shows:

  • Grief Communication Technology / Open Lines

    Justin Harrison is a tech entrepreneur who is one of the foremost experts in pioneering grief technology. He discussed his work helping people alleviate the effects of grief and loss by re-creating personality dynamics to fill the void of loss. Followed by Open Lines.More »

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