Liliane Fortna

Liliane Fortna


Liliane Fortna has been a professional contemporary dancer (performing in both Europe and the US), European fashion model, fashion consultant, and Amazon rain forest explorer. Since early childhood, she also has been in contact with her guides and angels. In 2008 she felt compelled to shift her focus and has subsequently been an Energy Healer in both Europe and the United States, having received her education in France, Belgium, and the United States.

Born in Hanoi, Vietnam, Liliane is French Vietnamese. She has a degree in English Literature from the University of Maryland and is fluent in French and English. Liliane suffered a very difficult childhood which allows her to understand those who deal with rejection and mistreatment. Over the years, she has helped women feel more confident about themselves, and during the last 14-plus years has used Energy Healing to continue helping men and women face and work through difficult physical and emotional situations. With her book "Winks from Above," she wants to help a broader audience rediscover their innate gift of communicating with their guides and higher self to create a better, richer, and happier life.



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