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Kat Eckhart is an eclectic witch, medium, and expert séance host. She is passionate about spirit communication, meditation, and adventuring out-of-doors in search of naturally liminal spaces. She hosts séances with her husband Dan, provides mediumship readings, and educates on occult subjects. Strongly believing that magick and mediumship can be incredibly empowering, exciting, and accessible to everyone, she has devoted her life’s work in pursuit of communing with a living, active universe and creating mystical experiences for others. 


Past shows:

Apollo Moon Missions / Conducting Seances

Author Earl Swift discussed the final three Apollo moon missions and their use of rovers. Followed by psychic mediums Kat and Dan Eckhart on their seance techniques. More »

Last Night

Professor Michael R. Rampino updated his latest findings on the Earth's "pulse" and catastrophes. Followed by author Bruce Olav Solheim on Anzar, an ancient alien mystic.

More »


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