Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins


Andrew Collins is a popular writer of history, archaeology, and science. For over 30 years he has explored the relationship between archaic religious beliefs and the cosmos, examining the origins of human civilization, the development of technology and the inspirations behind magic and religion. His discoveries have led to several thought-provoking books that challenge the way we think about the past, including From the Ashes of Angels and Gateway to Atlantis. He is also the organizer of the Questing Conference, Britain's premier event on alternative history, forbidden archaeology, and ancient wisdom.



Past Shows:

  • Ancient Mysteries / Megaliths & Quantum Entanglement

    Author Brad Olsen shared reports on his investigations into ancient mysteries. Followed by researcher Andrew Collins on megalithic sites and quantum entanglement.More »
  • Driving Out Demons / First Female Pharaoh

    Deliverance minister Danny Frigulti discussed cases of demonic possession. Followed by author Andrew Collins on the lost history of Sobekneferu, ancient Egypt’s first female ruler.More »
  • Harbingers of the Future / Transdimensional Origins

    Expert in biblical prophecy Jonathan Cahn spoke about his new film project on harbingers of what is to come. Followed by writer Andrew Collins on ancient shamanic rituals and communication with nonhuman intelligences.More »
  • Remote Viewing Updates / Gobekli Tepe & Stonehenge

    Remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames shared information about global changes and COVID. Followed by Andrew Collins on the sonic properties of Stonehenge, and mysteries of Göbekli Tepe.More »
  • The Mysterious Denisovans / The CIA and UFOs

    Andrew Collins discussed the extinct species of humans known as the Denisovans. Followed by Dan Wright on his study of CIA files related to UFOs.More »
  • Longevity Research / The Cygnus Key

    Bill Faloon delved into dramatic life extension and immortality. Andrew Collins on the Gobekli Tepe and Giza alignment with Cygnus, and the Denisovans.More »
  • Shared Death Experiences/ The Denisovan Legacy

    Raymond Moody and Dr. Sharon Prentice discussed Shared Death Experiences which are similar to NDEs. Andrew Collins detailed the legacy of the Denisovans.More »
  • Finance Forecast/ Atlantis Legend

    John Truman Wolfe discussed the state of the US and world economies. Followed by Andrew Collins on the location of Atlantis, and the cataclysm that befell it.More »
  • Arthurian Legends/ Atlantis Evidence

    In the first half, historical detective Graham Phillips joined Dave Schrader to present compelling evidence that suggested King Arthur was a real living warrior who led the Britons around the year 500, and that the legendary Camelot, Merlin, Excalibur, and Knights of the Round...More »
  • Archons & Mount Shasta / Gobekli Tepe

    In the first half, author and filmmaker Jay Weidner talked about the entities known as archons, as well as his research into the mysteries, and mythic back stories of Mount Shasta (featured in his latest movie "Shasta"). Archons were described in the ancient Nag Hammadi texts as...More »
  • Inside 'The Family'

    Researcher Jeff Sharlet discussed the frightening connection between power and fundamentalism in a secretive cult called "The Family", that teaches Washington lawmakers that people chosen for leadership are above morality. In the first hour, author Andrew Collins provided...More »
  • Cygnus, Cosmic Rays & Evolution

    Appearing during the middle two hours, author Andrew Collins discussed the significance of the Cygnus constellation.More »

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