Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger


Michael Tellinger is an author, scientist, explorer, and humanitarian, who has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making ground-breaking discoveries about advanced vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. His continued analytical scientific approach has produced stunning new evidence that will force us to rethink our origins and rewrite our history books. Michael is the founder of the global UBUNTU Liberation Movement of higher consciousness, with members in over 140 countries. UBUNTU’s ONE SMALL TOWN – Can Change The World, strategy - has attracted the attention of several mayors in Canada, USA, Australia, UK and other countries – and Mayor Ron Higgins of North Frontenac, Ontario, has become the first mayor, to implement this system.

Michael exposed a vanished civilisation at the southern tip of Africa, that left behind more than 10 million stone ruins. These ruins are not dwellings, but energy generating devices, and are most likely the work of the Anunnaki and their gold mining activity in this part of the world. Michael presents empirical evidence that this vanished civilization had an astute knowledge of the laws of nature, and they used the power of sound and frequency as a source of energy.



Past Shows:

  • Dark Forces / Ancient Stone Circles

    Authors Jason & Rhonda Halbert shared their experiences living in haunted places. Followed by explorer Michael Tellinger on mysterious ancient stone circles in South Africa.More »
  • Ancient Stones & the Anunnaki / Lucid Dreaming Experiment

    Author Michael Tellinger talked about his work on stone relics of ancient South Africa and the Anunnaki. Followed by investigative reporter Cheryll Jones' interview of researcher Karen Konkoly on lucid dreaming experiments.More »
  • Vaccination Issues / Africa's Stone Circles

    Producer Del Bigtree discussed issues surrounding the COVID vaccines and their safety. Followed by researcher Michael Tellinger on mysterious stone circles and relics from South Africa.More »
  • Brain Chips & Geoengineering / Ancient Artifacts & Circles

    Prof. Bart Kosko discussed various topics, including brain chips, geoengineering, and a new theory about dreaming. Followed by researcher Michael Tellinger on ancient stone circles and artifacts in Southern Africa.More »
  • Challenging the Coronavirus Narrative / Stone Circle Mysteries

    In the first hour Alex Berenson disputed the current coronavirus narrative. Followed by Michael Tellinger on his stone circle research.More »
  • Ancient Technology & Stone Circles / Secret Space Program

    Michael Tellinger discussed his research into ancient structures and technology. Followed by Dr. Michael Salla on revelations of a secret space program.More »
  • Evidence of Ancient Giants / Spanish Inquisition

    Michael Tellinger discussed evidence for ancient species of giants. Followed by James Rollins on AI, the Spanish Inquisition, and witchcraft.More »
  • Ancient Stone Circles/ Lucid Dreaming

    Michael Tellinger discussed his latest work on ancient stone circles. Followed by David Jay Brown on lucid dreams.More »
  • Anunnaki Secrets/ Brain Techniques

    In the first half, scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger discussed evidence for the Anunnaki, an ancient ET race he believes created humanity through genetic tinkering to serve as slaves for their gold mining operations. In the latter half, Lisa Garr, host of the...More »
  • Anunnaki Secret History

    Scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger discussed the mysterious Anunnaki, as well as evidence in support of Zecharia Sitchin's revolutionary work showing that these ET beings created us using pieces of their own DNA, in order to mine gold on Earth for them. First hour...More »
  • Annunaki, Genetics, & Artifacts

    Scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger discussed archaeological and genetic evidence in support of Zecharia Sitchin's work showing that the Anunnaki created humans through genetic experimentation to serve as slaves for gold mining. First hour guest, aerospace and...More »
  • Ancient Ruins & Annunaki

    Author and TV producer Michael Tellinger returned for a discussion about ancient ruins in Africa and their connection to the Annunaki, an ET civilization said to have come here thousands of years ago. First hour guest, research scientist John Lott reacted to a United...More »
  • African Ruins & the Annunaki

    Michael Tellinger discussed his study of ancient ruins at the southern tip of Africa, which he believes were associated with a vanished civilization that the Annunaki brought together over 200,000 years ago. First hour guest, NDE researcher Dr. Jeffrey Long reacted...More »
  • Lunar Anomalies & "Adam's Calendar"

    Publisher and TV Producer Michael Tellinger discussed lunar anomalies and a new archeological discovery in South Africa which could reveal secrets of early man. Regarding his moon research, he said "you've got to follow the clues and if you follow the clues, they will take you...More »
  • Human Origins & Enslavement

    Researcher Michael Tellinger returned for a discussion about the theory that humankind is a slave race, developed genetically by an ET race, to mine gold for them thousands of years ago (a theory first put forth by Zecharia Sitchin).More »
  • Human Origins & the 'gods'

    South African author Michael Tellinger presented the thesis that mankind was genetically created by ancient astronauts, the Annunaki, in order to serve as a work force at their gold mines in Africa some 200,000 years ago. The Annunaki needed gold particles to shield the...More »

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