Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson


Keith Thompson is an author, independent journalist, and explorer of “exceptional and supernormal mind-body capacities as potential indicators of the future evolution of human nature.” Thompson’s book, Angels and Aliens: UFOs and the Mythic Imagination (Ballantine Books, 1993) was hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as “Magnificent…no matter what your beliefs, the most fascinating book written on the subject,” and by Venture World as “probably the most profound book on the UFO controversy yet to appear.” Harvard psychiatrist John Mack credited Thompson’s writing with launching Mack’s interest in reports of individuals taken against their will by apparent alien beings.

Thompson’s 1982 interview with Robert Bly has been credited with initiating the “men’s movement” exploring contemporary masculinity and manhood, and his 1994 published conversation with best-selling author Carlos Castaneda (“Portrait of a Sorcerer”) marked the legendary recluse's first public remarks in over two decades. Thompson’s articles have appeared in the New York Times, Esquire, and the San Francisco Chronicle.



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