Vince Wilson

Vince Wilson


Vince Wilson has always been interested in science, history, and the unexplained since as far back as he can remember. A hypnotist and futurist, Vince joined the American Institute of Parapsychology in 2009. Wilson is the author of Ghost Tech and Ghost Science. He has lectured on consciousness survival and has also appeared on all the major local TV stations in the Baltimore area and on numerous radio stations.

Vince has also been featured on Creepy Canada and Destination America in 2005 aboard the USS Constellation, the Discovery Channel in 2006 for an investigation he did at the Edgar Allan Poe House in Baltimore and returned to the USS Constellation for The Holzer Files on The Travel Channel. He is very studied on the occult, hypnosis, science and the supernatural, and many other aspects of the unexplained. In 2011 Vince achieved a life-long dream when he was certified by the American Institute for Parapsychology (AIP) as a parapsychologist. Recently he became the AIP executive director. He is a Consulting Hypnotist in Delaware.



Past Shows:

  • Aliens & Angels / Investigating Ghosts

    Independent journalist Keith Thompson related UFOs and alien abductions to angelic visitations and shamanic encounters. Followed by ghost hunter Vince Wilson on seances, Ouija boards, and ghosthunting.More »

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