Kristen Ragusin

Kristen Ragusin


Through her more than 30 years of experience managing over $150M in client assets at Merrill Lynch and Raymond James, Kristen Ragusin learned all about the monetary system and finances. After the 2008 crash, Kristen set out to unravel & solve some of humanity's most crucial belief systems about the monetary system itself. That is exactly what she accomplishes in her new book, The End Of Scarcity.

A professional speaker, she has given hundreds of public seminars on retirement planning and tax management strategies, as well as talks on reforming our money system at the Public Banking Institute, Pace University in New York City, and Peace Conferences in New England. She received her Masters Degree from the renowned Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts.



Past Shows:

  • Monetary Reform / The Golden Mean

    Financial advisor Kristen Ragusin shared revelations about monetary reform and debt. Followed by shamanic explorer Matthew Pallamary on the significance of the Golden Mean.More »

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