Monetary Reform / The Golden Mean

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Monetary Reform / The Golden Mean

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Kristen Ragusin is a certified digital currency specialist and wealth management advisor with more than thirty years of professional market experience. In the first half, she shared revelations about monetary reform and how the world is in the midst of a financially controlled demolition, which could lead to either an idyllic utopia or a grim future of tyranny and unprecedented control. Money does not exist in the way it used to, and nowadays, it's really a form of mortgage debt, she outlined. What this means, she continued, is that "if people do not borrow and they don't go into consumer debt, there is no 'money' as we know it floating in society."

Every time somebody pays a debt, there is less money, she further explained, and "if the United States government would pay off the federal debt, we would have a depression of unforeseen proportion." This keeps us on an underlying hamster wheel and feeds the panic behind greed and a sense of lack, she said. The idea of scarcity is truly an illusion, as we live on an abundant planet, Ragusin remarked. To create a new financial system, she pointed toward the blockchain system as an amazing technology that, if used prudently, could be revolutionary. Another concept she praised is that of alternative currency, which can be issued by farmers, for example, and backed by their food or crop production. Rather than gold or precious metals, the best investment is in our communities and the fabric of society, she added.


Author, editor, and shamanic explorer Matthew Pallamary has been searching the globe for the truth about reality. In the latter half, he spoke about his latest work looking at how various sciences, disciplines, nature, and ancient wisdom relate to the idea of the Golden Mean (the middle between two extremes). Through his visionary experiences with ayahuasca, he became fascinated by sacred geometry, and eventually realized that the Golden Mean is a model for holographic reality. "Everything is infinitely connected both in the inner world and the outer world," he remarked, and we're all trying to find our way back home, and "for me, home is at the center."

Prayer is fueled by intention, he noted, and ideally should be an act of devotion. "In the end, prayer is conscious awareness; and if indeed we are all reflections of each other and we are all seeing the inner god within each one of us," then prayer can be seen as a form of action, he observed. Pallamary also related intention to the work of shamans and how the more they grow in personal power, the more centered they become. When working with intention, it is essential to maintain your integrity, he pointed out.

During the last half-hour, a replay from 2011 with author Brad Steiger discussing alien mysteries was featured. 

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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