Steven LaChance

Steven LaChance


In 2004, Steven LaChance started Missouri Paranormal Research. In 2007, Steven retired the group to work on private investigations and research. He is responsible for some of the most high profile cases in the last ten years. He was the first to investigate these locations and is responsible for putting them onto the paranormal map. These locations include, The Union Screaming House, Zombie Road, The Pythian Castle, Enochs Knob, Tri County Truck Stop, The Morse Mill Hotel, and he was the first investigator to be allowed to investigate some of the locations from the famed St. Louis Exorcist case which also included a location that only he has been able to investigate that some call the paranormal Holy Grail.

Steven has been a featured guest on several radio stations across the US, the UK, Canada, Asia, and parts of South Africa. Steven is not a stranger to television interviews either and has had many interviews published in newspapers and magazines across the US.



Past Shows:

  • Edgar Cayce Updated/ Hauntings and Exorcisms

    Kevin Todeschi discussed the legacy of psychic Edgar Cayce.Steven LaChance revealed the real story behind the original Exorcist film.More »
  • Haunted St. Louis

    St. Louis' own paranormal pioneer, Steven LaChance, discused the most haunted locations in St. Louis including the Union Screaming house, which the Roman Catholic Church describes as having all three stages of a demonic haunting, as well as the Lemp Mansion, the Fabulous Fox...More »

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