LaMont Hamilton

LaMont Hamilton


LaMont Hamilton – “Monte”, as his friends call him, is a recognized and respected intuitive spiritual counselor, writer, speaker, and educator. He is internationally known as a top clairvoyant for his predictions, which have been published and translated into multiple languages. Monte is an Ordained Minister, Master Healing Practitioner, registered hypnotherapist and has numerous accredited qualifications/degrees in the fields of counseling, business, psychology, and education.

Monte remembers having psychic experiences since the age of 8 and has been working with angels and guides for almost four decades. He has primarily learned through his own life events and challenges, including near-death experiences (NDEs) which he accepts as profound energizing catalysts for his healing ministry in helping others overcome the fear of death.


Past Shows:

  • Psychic Predictions

    Empath and clairvoyant LaMont Hamilton discussed his psychic experiences and numerous predictions, many of which have been published. The final hour featured Open Lines.More »

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