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Psychic Predictions

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LaMont Hamilton is a recognized and respected intuitive spiritual counselor, writer, speaker, and educator. He is internationally known as a top clairvoyant for his numerous predictions, which have been published and translated into multiple languages. He joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss his psychic experiences and latest predictions.

Hamilton recalled his earliest memory of "reading someone" at the age of eight when an Air Force representative told his family his father was missing in action in Vietnam. He described seeing the words the man was speaking scroll across his view like a news ticker on television. "Occasionally people would say something and it wouldn't match [the news ticker], and I knew that person was lying," Hamilton explained, noting the Air Force representative was not completely truthful regarding his father.

Hamilton revealed as a teen he was charged by angels to use his gifts for God's purposes. "I can (physically) see the angels... I know that there are forces at work," he said. Hamilton admitted striking a bargain with the angels. He would work for God and they would bring his father back. According to Hamilton, the angels bestowed upon him additional psychic gifts which he used to locate his missing dad. He eventually found out his father had died in captivity in Vietnam.

Hamilton disclosed what he has learned about the afterlife, suggesting hell is not a physical place but a metaphor. "There is an in-between... before [spirits] go to heaven," he reported, adding those who commit suicide first go to the in-between realm. He detailed his work with people having fertility issues, and disclosed he told his daughter several years ago she would give birth to a daughter with red hair. That prediction came true a couple of weeks ago when Hamilton's first granddaughter was born.

He also told Connie her upcoming Creepy Hotspot investigation will be fruitful and she will spend more time than planned at that undisclosed location, as well as predicted Donald Trump would not run for president in 2024 because of something that happens in 2023.

The final hour featured Open Lines.

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