Leah Guy

Leah Guy


Leah Guy is an intuitive spiritual healer and mindfulness expert, as well as the author of The Fearless Path and Overcoming Toxic Emotions. She combines professional training with her personal triumphs over abuse, addiction, and anxiety to help others heal, address emotional wounds, and access their fullest potential.



Past Shows:

  • Alien Encounters / Dark Entities

    Occult scholar Mitch Horowitz discussed a wide range of paranormal topics, as well as his upcoming show Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction. Followed by intuitive healing artist Leah Guy, who spoke about her time living in a haunted house.More »

Last Night

Sci-Fi and AI / Women Crime Bosses
Sci-Fi and AI / Women Crime Bosses
Bestselling author Ernest Cline joined George Knapp to discuss UFOs and AI, as well as his digital gaming platform Readyverse. Followed by journalist Lissa Townsend Rodgers who spoke about women crime bosses.


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