Lindsey Brooks

Lindsey Brooks


Lindsey Brooks is a passionate advocate for wild horses, dedicating her life to their protection, welfare, and preservation. Born and raised in the heart of the American West, Lindsey's connection to these majestic creatures runs deep, rooted in her childhood spent exploring the untamed landscapes where wild horses roam free.

Driven by a profound respect for nature and a keen understanding of the importance of biodiversity, Lindsey recognized early on the critical role that wild horses play in maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems. Witnessing firsthand the challenges these animals face—from habitat loss to government roundups—she felt compelled to take action.

With unwavering determination and a compassionate heart, Lindsey embarked on a mission to rescue and rehabilitate wild horses in need. Through her tireless efforts, she has saved countless lives, providing them with a safe haven where they can thrive and flourish.

Lindsey is using her executive problem solving background to help solve the wild horse problem for good by blending business, marketing and technology to help the world understand the stories of these horses and scientifically why they should stay where they are and be protected.

Her team is currently producing VR and AR impact movies and experiences that allow a user to experience what it is like to be in a round up as the horse, and their goal is that every member of congress experiences the fear and anxiety these horses feel when they are needlessly separated from their families and rounded up.

Lindsey, alongside her team of dedicated advocates, is working tirelessly to create national wild horse preservation areas. Their goal is to provide refuge to those being needlessly captured in the roundups, offering them refuges where they can live freely and undisturbed by human interference. As well as learning centers where advocates and observers can be immersed in the beauty that is the great American west and the connection between humans and horses.

But Lindsey's work extends beyond individual rescue efforts. As a staunch advocate for wildhorse welfare, she tirelessly campaigns for policy reforms aimed at protecting these iconic symbols of freedom. Whether lobbying government officials, raising public awareness, or collaborating with like-minded organizations, Lindsey is committed to ensuring a brighter future for wild horses across the country.

For Lindsey, being a wild horse rescuer and advocate is not just a vocation—it's a calling. It's a testament to her unwavering dedication to safeguarding the natural world and all its inhabitants. Through her passion, empathy, and relentless activism, Lindsey Brooks is making a profound difference in the lives of wild horses and the landscapes they call home.


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