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Psychic Detective / Wild Horse Management

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Psychic medium Melinda Williams joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss her work helping earth bound spirits cross over, and how she uses her abilities to assist families and law enforcement on missing and murder cases. Williams reflected on her training under renowned figures like Paul Smith and Lisa Williams, and how she incorporated their teachings into her unique approach. She credited Smith for encouraging her to adapt his teachings to suit her own style. Her training with Lisa Williams and others further broadened her understanding of psychic detective work, exposing her to different methodologies that she incorporates into her own approach.

Williams emphasized the importance of bringing closure to families, stating that it's the most significant aspect of her work. She recalled an incident from her childhood when she revealed a classmate's survival after a teacher announced her death, marking the beginning of her psychic experiences. Despite early resistance from her family and society, she continued to embrace her abilities, eventually delving into psychic detective work in her early twenties due to a friend's disappearance. This transition marked the start of her journey into using her psychic gifts to aid families and law enforcement.

Williams emphasized the holistic nature of her approach to psychic detective work, incorporating various tools such as dowsing, Google Maps, essential oils, oracle cards, and more to gather information and insights. She described a case where her psychic insights led to the successful rescue of a missing child. Despite facing skepticism from some law enforcement agencies, she remains dedicated to helping families and law enforcement agencies find closure in cases involving missing persons and murders, especially those involving children.


Lindsey Brooks is cofounder of Great American Wild Horse, a social purpose organization that is striving to save wild mustangs and help create long-term solutions worldwide for threatened species. In the second half of the program, Brooks revealed the truth behind America's wild horse management. She commented on the interconnectedness of wild horses within ecosystems, and highlighted the catastrophic consequences of indiscriminate roundups by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) without considering the long-term impacts. Brooks argued that the removal of wild horses disrupts the delicate balance of ecosystems, leading to an increase in apex predator populations and triggering various cascading effects such as fires, droughts, and even bird deaths due to the absence of horse hair for nesting.

Brooks delved into the historical significance of wild horses in American heritage, tracing their roots back to the Spanish colonization. She critiqued the BLM's management strategies, which prioritize economic interests over environmental conservation, particularly in the context of green energy development. Brooks exposed the influence of powerful industries like ranching and mining in shaping government policies, ultimately leading to the exploitation and slaughter of wild horses for profit.

Brooks also reported on the inhumane treatment of wild horses during roundups, including the use of helicopters and cruel handling techniques by cowboys. She stressed the need for public awareness and advocacy to challenge these practices and hold government agencies accountable. Brooks encouraged listeners to take action, urging them to question their representatives and demand ethical and sustainable solutions to protect wild horse populations and preserve natural ecosystems.

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