Liz Larson 

Liz Larson 


Liz Larson is a co-creator of the Cognomovement System; she's a dynamic force continually driving its evolution. Her role as an "Idea Generator" and "Mad Scientist" is central to her continuous breakthroughs in reshaping the nervous system and rewiring the brain and body. These ongoing discoveries are at the heart of Cognomovement, consistently introducing new techniques that make the modality not just innovative but deeply personal and ever-expanding.

Liz's approach is akin to crafting a universal remote, adeptly addressing and resolving a wide array of issues, blocks, and unwanted patterns. As an author of impactful e-books like "Suffering is Optional" and "The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting," Liz has established herself as a thought leader in the realm of personal development and wellness. Her mission is ambitious and far-reaching: to relentlessly push the boundaries in consciousness, awareness, self-development, and healing. 



Past Shows:

  • Cognitive Movement / Clearing the Path

    Bill McKenna and Liz Larson talked about Cognomovement, their cognitive movement tool designed to address issues, eliminate blocks, and dissolve unwanted patterns. Followed by Dr. Ken Druck, who shared the key to clearing the path to our best possible future.More »

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