Cognitive Movement / Clearing the Path

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Cognitive Movement / Clearing the Path

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Imagine having a universal remote, not for your electronics but your life. Cognomovement is precisely that. It's a singular, adaptable tool designed to address your issues, eliminate blocks, and dissolve unwanted patterns. Bill McKenna and Liz Larson, Cognomovement practitioners, joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) in the first half of the show to discuss how Cognomovement is tailored to catalyze a seismic shift in your personal and professional reality and drive significant changes in your well-being.

McKenna described his journey from a self-centered, materialistic mindset to a spiritual awakening that shifted his focus from self-interest to helping others. He delved into the concept of chakras and how this awakening connected him to the spiritual realm. McKenna also mentioned meeting Larson, whom he referred to as "the angel," and how she became instrumental in his journey. Larson admitted being born with innate knowledge beyond her years, although she spent most of her life denying this intuitive understanding. Following her parents' illnesses, she explored techniques for brain change, eventually connecting with McKenna through a mutual interest in healing practices. Their meeting led to their collaborative work in Cognomovement.

The two discussed the significance of the nervous system in Cognomovement and its impact on healing, particularly in cases of concussions or traumas. They explained how eye movements are tied to reconnecting neural pathways and rewiring the brain post-injury, and emphasized the adaptability of the nervous system and its role in various aspects of human experience, including emotions, relationships, and overall well-being. They illustrated specific movements involving the Cogno ball, sacred geometry shapes, and cross-body motions aimed at activating different brain areas to facilitate healing.


Our willingness and ability to turn life's "What now?" moments, challenges, crises, as well as opportunities, defines our character and determines the quality of our lives, according to Dr. Ken Druck, a leading mental health expert focused on the areas of civility, relationships, and aging. During the latter half of Saturday's program, he shared the key to clearing the path to our best possible future by replacing harsh self-criticism, impatience, bitterness, and fear with self-compassion, patience, love, and courage.

Druck provided his insights about the impact of trauma and grief on the human psyche, comparing it to freezing parts of the emotional heart and brain. He highlighted the importance of unraveling and processing these frozen emotions to avoid negative consequences like indifference, avoidance, and the closing off of one's heart. Druck emphasized the power of choice in navigating trauma and grief, suggesting that individuals face pivotal decisions in how they move forward from painful experiences. He stressed the significance of self-care, patience, and kindness towards oneself during these tough periods. Additionally, Druck discussed the necessity of accepting grief as a part of life, advocating for a compassionate approach rather than judgment and impatience towards oneself or others dealing with loss.

He addressed the overwhelming bombardment of traumatic news in today's world, recommending the need to unplug and balance exposure to distressing information with activities that bring joy and calmness. Druck suggested connecting with nature, engaging in enjoyable activities, and focusing on positive aspects of life to counterbalance the constant influx of dreadful news. He also provided guidance on how to support individuals facing loss or trauma, emphasizing the importance of being present, listening without judgment, and offering practical assistance.

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