Chris Lofing

Chris Lofing


Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff wrote a horror movie called The Gallows, posted online to find a cast and made a little movie. Their little movie was discovered by major studios and has opened nationwide. Chris started making films at a very young age. During high school he wrote, edited, directed, self-financed, and locally distributed two feature length films using only a handicam and his friends/family as actors and crew. This taught him how to work with available resources and problem solve on the fly while jumpstarting his development in high quality filmmaking.

Since then, Chris has graduated from The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, directing one of the top films in his class; a short film entitled "CROSS." The film received a huge response at its premiere in Warner Brother Studios in 2010. After "CROSS" Chris began directing, editing and building graphics professionally. In 2011 he also collaborated with LEVEL4 Productions on numerous commercials and web productions. His work with LEVEL4 has included national commercials and web based content for Microsoft Bing, Technicolor and POM Wonderful. Chris co-founded Tremendum Pictures with Travis Cluff in 2011.


Past Shows:

  • The Light Alliance/ 'The Gallows'

    During the first half, teacher of meditation and spiritual practices, Gordon Asher Davidson, discussed his insights about the world being guided by an interdimensional Light Alliance that is working closely with members of humanity to release the hold of darkness on our planet. ...More »

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