The Light Alliance/ 'The Gallows'

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The Light Alliance/ 'The Gallows'

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During the first half, teacher of meditation and spiritual practices, Gordon Asher Davidson, discussed his insights into the changes going on all around us. He believes the world is being guided by an interdimensional Light Alliance or Solar Council that is working closely with members of humanity to release the hold of darkness on our planet. During the last twenty years of his meditation practice he's been in contact with a spiritual master, who's very involved in the process to transfigure the world. Davidson described his contacts as a telepathic conversation rather than channeling.

According to these contacts, the Earth was created as a garden planet, but predatory aliens came here millennia ago, for the purpose of exploitation and a takeover. The Light Guardians of our planet were aware of these predators but made a decision that they would be allowed to remain to become part of Earth's evolutionary process, so that humanity would have the ability to choose between light and darkness, he continued. However, a cosmic decree by the Solar Council following the events of 9/11 (a staged attack to create fear) has been made to offset the power of the dark ET cabal by having them removed by the galactic civilization, Davidson announced.


In the third hour, directors Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff and actor Reese Mishler talked about their just released horror movie The Gallows. Together, over the course of four years, the filmmakers and actor would go through shoots and reshoots as The Gallows grew from a little unknown film with clips on YouTube to a Jason Blum ("Paranormal Activity") produced film with a major release from New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers. In fact, The Gallows is the lowest budgeted film (made for just $100,000) to ever have such a wide release-- opening in over 2,700 theaters in the US, and in 62 countries worldwide, said Cluff.

The premise of the movie deals with the re-staging of a high school play--twenty years earlier, a student actor tragically died in a freak accident during the performance. Lofing detailed how he and Cluff edited the film themselves on a home computer, while Mishler shared a spooky incident that occurred while filming in an attic at a VA hospital in Fresno-- a strange voice whispered his name, and it was not part of the film.

The last hour featured Open Lines. Researcher Alex Mistretta appeared during the first half-hour to talk about his investigation into just revealed 1971 UFO photos allegedly taken from a submarine.

News guests: Lauren Weinstein, Larry Pratt, Father Sebastiaan

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