Jason Louv

Jason Louv


For the last fifteen years, author Jason Louv's work has explored the outer reaches of human culture and possibility, through both science fiction and journalistic expeditions into some of the world’s strangest belief systems. His work shines with wit, compassion and an immense drive to share his enlightening experiences with his readers. Counterculture publishing legend R. U. Sirus (Mondo 2000) called him "one of humanity’s best mutant scouts on the frontiers of human experience."

He runs the blog Ultraculture, teaches at Magick.Me, and has written for Boing Boing, VICE News, Esquire Online, Dangerous Minds and many more. As a professional communications strategist, he has worked with a number of multinational corporations in creating clear and effective advertising—his work has appeared everywhere from the pages of National Geographic to Buzz Aldrin’s international campaign to colonize Mars to Google’s Artists and Machine Intelligence program.



Past Shows:

  • Aliens, UFOs, & AI / Magick Pathways

    Cyrus A. Parsa of the A.I. Organization discussed his book and proposed film project, "AI the Plan to Invade Humanity." Followed by researcher Jason Louv on using magick to find your true calling in life.More »
  • Hidden US Money / Occult Traditions

    Catherine Austin Fitts spoke on trillions of dollars hidden in the US budget.Jason Louv discussed how magick can improve your life.More »
  • Future Upheaval

    Journalist Jason Louv examined the effects of accelerating technology and what humanity must do to confront it.More »
  • Project Paperclip/ John Dee & the Occult

    Brian Crim discussed Project Paperclip, which brought ex-Nazis into the US military-industrial complex. Followed by Jason Louv on the occult, & John Dee.More »

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