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Aliens, UFOs, & AI / Magick Pathways

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Cyrus A. Parsa of the A.I. Organization is a security professional specializing in emerging threats, bio-digital programming, and AI. In the first half, he discussed his book and proposed film project, "AI the Plan to Invade Humanity," in which he contends that the alien agenda is to replace the human race. In 2000, he said he was in the mountains of China and "saw hundreds of UFOs go by very fast." Subsequent to that, Parsa stated that he met with someone who worked at the Pentagon who showed him "an array of pictures of Grey aliens and ghost aliens." In 2008, Parsa said he encountered an alien/human hybrid whose eyes turned totally black when he was in the mountains of New Zealand.

AI is a tool that aliens use, Parsa claimed, adding that there is a "nanotech/alien extinction agenda" that is planned for future vaccines, which can take away a person's free will. Further, he said after he revealed some of this information in 2021, he was attacked by a group of aliens, each about eight ft. tall, and they drained energy from him. But now, Parsa said his strength has returned, and he seeks to launch his film project, which postulates that aliens first visited Earth 250 million years ago, and then more recently 200,000 years ago.


A futurist, strategist, and researcher, Jason Louv has worked on Buzz Aldrin's international campaign to colonize Mars, and Google's AI program. In the latter half, he talked about how to use esoteric spirituality or magick to find your true calling in life, as well as the overlap between the occult and technology. "What magic really is," he explained, "is a set of tools we've inherited" from various ancient and shamanic traditions, like yoga and Tarot, that help us to wake up and take control of our lives. Magick is so exciting because it can guide you to be the heroic person you're meant to be in this life, he added.

Any willed or intentional act can be viewed as a form of magick, he continued, but for most people, it's unconscious. "What magick as a specific spiritual path does is to use all these techniques like meditation, yoga, and ritual," he said, as a way "to focus your mind on what you want, and more than that, it forces you to ask the question, 'what do I truly want with my limited time here on Earth?'" When done right, magick gives you the discipline and power to become your true self, he asserted. Louv also talked about how his online school, Magick.Me, offers a wide range of video courses in such subjects as chaos and ceremonial magick, and serves to demystify the process with practical techniques to empower yourself and manifest success.

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