Mark Ireland

Mark Ireland


Co-founder of Helping Parents Heal, an organization with more than 24,000 members that assists bereaved parents worldwide, Mark Ireland, has participated in mediumship research studies conducted by the University of Arizona and the University of Virginia. After the passing of his youngest son, he sought evidence for the continuity of consciousness after physical death. On his journey, Mark was able to connect with his son’s essence and observed a variety of phenomena supporting the survival hypothesis.



Past Shows:

  • The Continuity of Consciousness After Death

    Mark Ireland presented a deep dive into psychic-medium phenomena, spirit visitations, afterlife communication, reincarnation, synchronicity, and near-death experiences, pointing to the survival of consciousness after bodily death. Followed by open lines in the second half.More »
  • Nuclear War & the Bible / Mediumship & the Afterlife

    Author Benjamin Baruch discussed escalating signs of war that he connected to biblical prophecy. Followed by Mark Ireland, who shared his journey studying mediumship after his son died.More »

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