Jon Levi

Jon Levi


Jon Levi has brewed success for over two decades in the coffee business. But Jon's flavor palette extends beyond just coffee. He’s chosen the adventurous path of setting up home on a vast 20-acre plot in Northern Utah, proving his mettle and penchant for unique off-grid experiences. In contrast, through his YouTube channel, he delves into the overlooked and mysterious corners of history. With a dedicated audience of nearly 300K subscribers, he's continually shaking up perceptions and helping us separate fact from fiction. His meticulous research doesn’t just challenge the status quo—it filters out the myths, leaving behind the rich aroma of historical truth.




Past Shows:

  • Mysteries of the Old World / Contact with Humanoids

    Authors Jon Levi and David Edward discussed their book, Evidence of the Old World, which attempts to unravel hidden complexities in history. Researcher Preston Dennett reported on UFO encounters and accounts of people who have had face-to-face contact with humanoids.More »