Marvin Sunderland

Marvin Sunderland


Marvin Sunderland is a dynamic author and philosopher of natural space phenomenon analogies and extraterrestrial design. Sunderland is a veteran of the United States Army and likes to share his war insights with the readers to grab their attention, making them feel as if they were on the battlefield. He is not only an author, and he has become quite known for his web development, game development, and diving into the movie industry. Sunderland lives in Peoria, Arizona, with his wife and their two children.



Past Shows:

  • Sci-Fi & AI / Mindreading & Hauntings

    Author Marvin Sunderland discussed his series of sci-fi books and graphic novels, space topics, and video games. Followed by mind reader Joe Diamond on his stage techniques, telepathy, and hauntings.More »

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