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U.S. Army veteran, Marvin Sunderland is a dynamic author who has become known for his web development, game development, and work in the movie industry. In the first half, he discussed his series of sci-fi books and graphic novels, space topics, and video games. His I-Waggit book series concerns a spaceship called the Singularity that, through a navigation glitch, ends up in the distant Andromeda galaxy. The crew lands a shuttle onto a habitable moon and soon realizes they are not alone. His upcoming book series deals with encountering a black hole. While he watches many movies, Sunderland noted that bringing your own unique twist to your writing is essential.

Regarding AI, he believes it will significantly expand our experiences, and eventually could be in charge of humanity. This might lead to a world without wars, but the downside would be we'll be living in a kind of dictatorship, he cautioned. Sunderland praised video gaming as a more interactive type of entertainment than watching movies or TV, as it involves using the mind, coordinating movements, and strategizing. One of his games, he said, allows for multiple players, with up to 32 online gamers participating simultaneously.


As the official mind reader at the luxurious Maxwell Mansion in Lake Geneva, WI, Joe Diamond may look like a normal guy, but he has turned his fascination for the strange and mysterious into a full-time career. In the latter half, he spoke about his mind-reading practice, haunted locations, and the power of mental telepathy. During his stage shows, he demonstrates how he can pull out secret memories from the audience (with their permission), such as old passwords and pin codes. He also sends out thoughts to people at his shows to see how many can pick up on them. "I do believe telepathy is a two-way street," he remarked, adding that he accomplishes his mind-reading through a combination of psychology, intuition, and divination.

Diamond talked about the haunted Woodstock Opera House in Illinois (where he'll be doing a show on February 25th). According to legend, one of the seats in the theater balcony is haunted by the ghost of an actress, with phantom applause coming from there. While that tale might have been apocryphal, he speculated that hauntings could be caused by psychokinetic activities or a tulpa, where the human mind creates ghostly activity. Diamond shared a live telepathic experiment, thinking of a temperature, a color, a sound, and a shape. George matched three out of the four correctly, and callers reported how many they intuited.

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