Secret Door XIV

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Secret Door XIV

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In this Secret Door special, George Noory interviewed a different guest each hour but had no idea who they were and tried to guess their identity even as they disguised their voices. First through the door, George correctly identified rock journalist Susan Masino who initially spoke in a falsetto voice. Even though her favorite artists are some of the old school performers like Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and AC/DC, she believes there are a lot of incredible musicians today. Masino said she was born into the music business, as her parents owned a ballroom in the 1950s in Wisconsin, and entertainers such as the Dorsey brothers, Louis Armstrong, and the Lennon Sisters performed there. In response to a caller asking about the best way to get exposure for their music, she noted that nowadays, many musicians are getting discovered on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

The second person through the door stumped George with his Peter Lorre accent. It turned out that it was author Bill Forstchen, a history professor at Montreat College. For a number of years, he has pushed for America to harden its power grid to protect against an EMP attack or solar flare. Such an event could greatly damage the infrastructure, knocking out power for weeks or months, he warned, yet the US Congress has yet to address the issue. And, the Biden administration has yet to show an interest in pursuing this cause, he lamented. Forstchen recommended that people be prepared for such a disaster, keeping a month or two of basic essentials, including a water filtration system, dried food and canned food, and a heating and cooking source.

George was initially stymied by the voice of the third guest, who sounded a bit like the Queen of England. After a few clues, he figured out that it was afterlife expert, journalist, and filmmaker Richard Martini. He shared updates on his afterlife contacts that come through medium Jennifer Shaffer, and his deceased friend, the actress Luana Anders. Shaffer describes seeing spirits as a kind of silhouette, and she and Martini host a podcast about their otherworldly conversations on the "flipside." He noted that deceased people who didn't believe in the afterlife sometimes take a while to adjust to the frequency of the Other Side, but gradually come round to the reality of it.

The last guest through the Secret Door also stumped George. It was intuitive Susanne Wilson, known as the "Carefree Medium," who lately has been focusing more on communications with alien beings rather than the deceased. She recalled her 2015 sighting of an ET that came into her bedroom and looked something like the Michelin Man. Her theory is that such entities are actually the type of ETs known as 'Tall Whites,' who are wearing special suits that boost their strength, as they tend to be more fragile when they appear in the Earth realm. Wilson also said she has interacted with 'ultraterrestrials,' whom she defined as having no need to travel in UAPs as they have "light bodies" and can phase in and out of our reality. Interestingly, they love to communicate with her via the Ouija board, she revealed.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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