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Queen / Open Lines

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Author, rock journalist, and paranormal researcher Susan Masino discussed the legendary rock band Queen, their flamboyant lead singer Freddie Mercury, and how their music has influenced people for generations. Masino said that Mercury was bullied in school for his pronounced overbite, but undaunted, formed his first band, "the Hectics," at age 12. Mercury was convinced that his unusual mouth was an important part of his unique voice and refused any dental work to fix it. She documented the early history of Queen and how the members met over time, first forming a band called "Smile." Mercury changed the name to Queen, because she said, "it sounded regal, universal, and immediate."

Masino noted that Queen "had everybody in place" (as far as the band members) and signed with Elektra Records in 1973. Their first album did not sell very well. When their signature song, "Bohemian Rhapsody" was released, the record company did not want to promote the single, because they "didn't know what it meant," and it was far too long for normal radio play. Masino remarked that Queen's guitarist, Brian May, is "right up there" with the best rock musicians in history, and that he once described the band as "4 painters with a brush each, but one canvas," which led to occasional friction, but that they were more like a family than a band. Mercury died of complications from AIDS in 1991, leaving the bulk of his estate to his best friend Mary Austin and a million dollars to his domestic partner Jim Hutton.


During Open Lines, Mike "the Millennial" in Colorado read a news report about a 16-year-old who hacked the Miami school system computer servers and caused widespread glitches and service denial messages. He said that "this could definitely prove to be an issue" in other places going forward into the school year of virtual classes. George in Texas spoke about reports that there is some sort of "root system" under the Devil's Tower rock formation and that there may have been trees "10, 20, up to 60 miles tall" in the distant past. John in Pennsylvania urged listeners to study the history of "Operation Northwoods," which was planned, but not carried out by the Pentagon in 1962, and involved staging domestic terrorist events that they could blame on Cuba "with the cooperation of the American media."

Bonnie called in from Washington state and said that when she was four years old, her mother told her to behave or "the Devil's going to come and get you." That night she had a nightmare that the Devil was trying to pull her out of her window, but that she had no idea what Satan looked like before that. Roger, also from Washington, described a dramatic UFO sighting from his teen years where he observed a massive craft with "seams on it and rivets and people inside." The last 30 minutes was an encore presentation of an interview with anthropologist and Bigfoot researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum.

News segment guests: Peter Davenport, Jerome Corsi

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