Matthew John

Matthew John


Matthew John is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, intuitive, psychic, medium, trance channeler, intuitive astrologer, Starseed guide, and energy healer. He works with angels, archangels, ascended masters, and Galactics, and also teaches others how to connect with their own Starseed essence, as well as how to align with divine-service work on Earth.


Past Shows:

  • Divine Interview / Are You a Starseed?

    Psychic medium Sondra Sneed revealed information she has received from a higher dimensional intelligence, known as Source. Followed by spiritual teacher Matthew John who delved into the origins and characteristics of Starseeds.More »

Last Night

Biblical Prophecy / Geoengineering
Biblical Prophecy / Geoengineering
Financial analyst Benjamin Baruch discussed the world's current financial situation and how it reflects prophecy found in the Bible. Followed by activist Dane Wigington, who spoke about how geoengineering harms the environment.


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