Divine Interview / Are You a Starseed?

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Divine Interview / Are You a Starseed?

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Guest host Lisa Garr (email) welcomed psychic medium Sondra Sneed who revealed information she has received from a higher dimensional intelligence, known as Source. Sneed explained her initial atheistic beliefs stemmed from a preference for science over religion. She also admitted a more personal cause: the loss of her mother at a young age, which led to a fundamental disbelief in God. Sneed eventually experienced a significant spiritual shift, attributing this transformation to journaling. This intense writing practice became a gateway for what she described as a divine presence.

Sneed said she found solace and a form of therapy in writing during times of distress. On the first page of a new notebook, she received a message that felt external: "Unemployed. It is my assertion, you are employed by me." This began what she now perceives as communication with a higher dimensional intelligence. The writing that followed, characterized by a distinct syntax and profound insights, convinced Sneed of the authenticity of this otherworldly Source.

Sneed touched on profound concepts such as the origin of existence and the continuous state of becoming. She recounted predictions made in her book, including the revelation of extraterrestrial life and the role of illnesses as divine interventions to slow human progress and give nature a chance to recover. Sneed suggested that humanity's current self-centered path is unsustainable and emphasized the need for a moral and conscious approach to life. She asserted that true enlightenment involves recognizing the soul's journey and the interconnectedness of all beings and transcending the limitations of the human experience.


During the latter half of the program, spiritual teacher Matthew John delved into the origins and characteristics of Starseeds. He recounted his journey towards spiritual awakening and the realization of being a Starseed, describing significant moments that led to this understanding. According to John, a profound experience with psilocybin mushrooms radically shifted his perspective from atheism to a deep sense of connection with the universe and a realization of his oneness with everything. This transformation sparked a quest to understand the concept and origins of Starseeds.

John differentiated between Starseeds and Earthseeds, explaining that Earthseeds are souls that originated on Earth and evolved through various life forms before reaching the human stage. In contrast, Starseeds are souls that began their existence elsewhere in the universe, in different star systems, before coming to Earth. He emphasized that Starseeds come from a variety of places, including well-known star systems like Sirius, Lyra, Pleiades, and others, and often possess characteristics and memories associated with these origins. John detailed the evolutionary process of souls and the concept of ascending through different densities of existence, from individual consciousness to collective planetary and even star consciousness.

John discussed the intuitive nature of his work as an astrologer and Starseed guide. He described his method of integrating intuition with astrological readings and using visions and feelings to provide a deeper understanding for his clients. This intuitive approach helps individuals comprehend their spiritual journey, past life karma, and the broader cosmic context of their existence, he noted. John also commented on the spiritual connections between humans and their pets, suggesting that Starseed pets may accompany their human counterparts as supportive companions.

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