Jeanne Mayell

Jeanne Mayell


Jeanne Mayell is a psychic, one of America’s most talented Tarot readers, and a psychotherapist who’s been giving readings from the Boston area for 25 years. Holding masters degrees in Public Health, Education, and Counseling Psychology from Harvard University and Framingham State University, Mayell brings intelligence and professionalism to her craft, but most of all, she is gifted with extraordinary intuition. Mayell says that psychic ability is part of everyone’s natural guidance system, a power you can develop and hone. She regularly trains lay people to read each other and predict the future with remarkable results, and receives international attention for their accurate predictions.


Past Shows:

  • Tarot & Predictions/ Mars & Space

    In the first half, intuitive Jeanne Mayell, one of New England’s most gifted tarot readers, and a psychotherapist who has practiced in the Boston area for 25 years, discussed the science behind intuition and psychic phenomena, the power of the Tarot, and on ongoing project using...More »