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Tarot & Predictions/ Mars & Space

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In the first half, intuitive Jeanne Mayell, one of New England’s most gifted tarot readers, and a psychotherapist who has practiced in the Boston area for 25 years, discussed the science behind intuition and psychic phenomena, the power of the Tarot, and on ongoing project using a pool of intuitives to accurately predict the future. Intuition-- paying attention to what your own self is saying to you-- is part of our genetic heritage, though in western culture, science has tended to devalue it, she noted. Intuition comes through your body like an antenna, not from your head, she added.

Mayell and a group she works with have meditated on various subjects in order to derive predictions about the future. One of these was that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency (she'll be wearing a blue suit and blue hat on inauguration day). Mayell foresees the stock market becoming volatile starting around 2017, with a crash coming in 2020, and a recovery in 2028. She also predicted a calamitous drought in the heartland of the United States during 2025-2032, which will spark a lot of migration to the Great Lakes region. Sharing the history and function of Tarot cards, Mayell explained that she uses them to amplify her psychic intuitions, and she demonstrated this technique for readings with some of the phone callers.


In the latter half, aerospace engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin spoke about Mars exploration efforts, space news, and alternative energy. The Mars One project which seeks to select and train a human crew for settlement on the Red Planet has narrowed down over 200,000 applicants to 100 people who will begin training, and eventually this group will be whittled down to 24, with the competition to possibly be a reality series/documentary. If Mars One is able to secure funding, the first team would travel to Mars on a one-way trip in a habitat craft, and upon landing develop a compound with breathable air and greenhouses, Zubrin explained. They would also be able to venture outside the compound in spacesuits and explore the vast terrain.

Zubrin gave an update on the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station program, which has trained 900 people to work in a habitat such as they might be placed in on Mars. An upcoming version is planned to take place in the Arctic, to simulate Martian conditions, he announced. We need a definite goal to have a manned crew land on Mars within the next 10 years, he urged. In Zubrin's vision, a team would make the six month journey there, spend a year and a half on Mars, exploring and testing out technologies, and then make the six-month journey home.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Mish Shedlock

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