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Artist, biblical paranormal researcher, and VODcaster Jason McLean’s life has been consumed with the study of archaeology, cryptozoology, ufology, and astronomy in order to better understand the Bible, its teachings, and the One behind its creation. These passions have prompted him to create the Society for the Investigation and Research of the Unexplained (S.I.R.U.) and the Evangelical Comic Gallery (E-Comic Gallery).



Past shows:

Secret Teachings of Manly Hall / Texas Cryptids

Mitch Horowitz explored the secret occult teachings of Manly P. Hall. Followed by Jason McLean on cryptozoological sightings in Texas. More »

Anomalous Creatures / Open Lines

Jason McLean examined Biblical accounts of paranormal creatures. Open Lines followed in the latter half. More »

Last Night

Mario Woods and Jeff Goodrich shared UFO experiences from their time in the Air Force and after. Followed by author T.S. Mart, who discussed monsters like the Thunderbird, Jersey Devil, Mothman, and lesser-known sky cryptids.

More »


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