Melinda Williams

Melinda Williams


Melinda Williams is a certified psychic medium, psychic artist and a psychic detective. From a young age, Melinda realized that she wasn’t like everyone else. While other children were playing with toys, Melinda experienced strange sensations and realized it was interactions with greater powers, so much bigger and stronger than herself. When she came to terms with her abilities, she decided to utilize them to help others. Melinda is known as "The Enchanted Medium" because she has been a Rescue Medium all her life.

She helps cross over Earth Bound Spirits that have decided to remain on Earth for multiple reasons. She holds seances per request to contact loved ones or if there is something that is haunting a place. Melinda is a psychic artist & a psychic detective. She assists with missing and murder cases for families and law enforcement. She has studied with world-renowned psychic medium John Holland, Tarot expert Radleigh Valentine, psychic medium Lisa Williams, remote viewer Paul H. Smith, and psychic detective Nancy Orlen Weber.


Past Shows:

  • Psychic Detective / Wild Horse Management

    Psychic medium Melinda Williams discussed her work helping cross over earth bound spirits. In the latter half, Lindsey Brooks, an advocate for wild horses, revealed the truth behind America's wild horse managementMore »