Michael Lichens

Michael Lichens


Michael J. Lichens is the Editor of Catholic Exchange. He holds an MA in Religion and Literature from the University of Chicago, and when he isn't busy revising and editing, he spends much of his time studying overlooked spiritual experiences. He resides in Colorado, where you can often find him discussing preachers, ghosts, and churches of the Old West.



The Exorcism Files (by Adam Blai)
The Devil is Afraid of Me (by Father Amorth)

Past Shows:

  • Humans & Climate Change / Encounters with Angels

    Prof. Brian Fagan discussed the history of how humans have adapted to drastic climate changes. Followed by editor Michael Lichens on the role of guardian angels, as viewed by the Catholic Church.More »
  • Public Health Issues / Catholic Exorcism

    Dr. Michael Stein discussed differences in health care between the rich and poor, and mental health issues in the COVID-19 era. Followed by Michael Lichens on the work of exorcist Father Amorth.More »

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