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Exorcisms & Father Amorth / Energy Healing

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With a Master's degree in religion from the University of Chicago, Michael Lichens focuses his work on the overlooked aspects of spiritual life. In the first half, he discussed the rite of exorcism, and what he's learned about those who become oppressed or possessed by entities. On occasion, objects such as dolls seem to be haunted or cursed, as well as certain locations. Exorcisms are sometimes conducted for them, he noted, citing the doll "Annabelle" acquired by demonologists and investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren as an example. The Warrens placed the doll, said to be inhabited by an inhumane spirit, in a locked box at their occult museum in Connecticut. A priest can conduct a "house blessing" using holy water and prayers, Lichens added.

More common than a full-blown possession, people can become oppressed by demons or negative entities, he explained, with such symptoms as mood swings and unexplained bruises on the body. Lichens talked about the work of the late exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, who was based in Rome, and reportedly performed many thousands of exorcisms. The director of "The Exorcist," William Friedkin, made a documentary about Amorth (The Devil and Father Amorth) that included footage of an actual exorcism. Coming out next year, a supernatural thriller called "The Pope's Exorcist" will star Russell Crowe as Father Amorth.


Gail Lynn is the inventor of the Harmonic Egg, which she created after being successfully treated with light and sound therapies for her troubling medical condition. In the latter half, she spoke about different energy medicine modalities, and how she constructed the Egg—a sound and light healing chamber. It's made of wood, and its design is based on sacred geometry principles, and some of Tesla's mathematical concepts. Inside the chamber, you recline in a zero gravity chair for a relaxing experience with color and music that lasts for 40 minutes and has vibrational healing qualities, she detailed. The Harmonic Egg experience is now offered at around 100 locations, she added, and may be helpful for various physical and mental conditions.

Lynn noted that Edgar Cayce was a proponent of using color for healing. Cayce said, "If colors are vibrations of spiritual forces, they should be able to help in healing our deepest and most subtle maladies together with music...for a therapy of the future," she recounted. Lynn said she felt she was tuned into Cayce's consciousness when she invented the Harmonic Egg. People can also do sound, light, and color therapy at home, she continued, with such simple things as paying attention to the color of the foods you eat, or the clothes you wear. She also offered meditation tips, advising people to stay in the present and focus on what they're hearing and feeling in the moment.

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