Thomas O. Mills

Thomas O. Mills


Thomas O. Mills had the opportunity to manage the Hopi Cultural Center at Second Mesa, Arizona for four years, when it first opened, in the early 70’s. He has a deep respect for the Hopi People and believes their creation story can be proven. Tom’s first book, The Book of Truth, A New Perspective On The Hopi Creation Story, follows the Hopi Tribes historical footprints back to Egypt. His work sheds new light on murals, temples, and pyramids with the Hopi creation story in mind, bringing a new truth to the history we know. Tom’s book pinpoints the location of many new underground chambers and explains the importance of the astrological messages left for us by the builders of the sites.

In his second book, Stonehenge, If This Was East, Tom uses his knowledge of the Hopi Ceremonial Cycles to find ancient east at many of the world’s monuments. He then uses this direction to find north and compares it to Charles Hapgood’s four north pole locations in his book Path of the Poles, proving the Hopi creation story. Tom currently resides in North Carolina with his wife after retiring from the railroad and continues to visit his Hopi friends as often as he can. He grows Native American tobacco in North Carolina



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