Chip Tracking/ Hopi Wisdom

Chip Tracking/ Hopi Wisdom


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsThomas O. Mills, Katherine Albrecht

In the first half, privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht responded to a report about Texas schools punishing students who refuse to be tracked with microchips. Due to truancy problems, several schools in San Antonio have been requesting that students wear ID badges which contain radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) on lanyards, so they can track their whereabouts at all times. Some of the students who have protested the decision are being told that they will lose certain rights, such as voting in school elections, or even being advised to attend a different school.

Such technology is being rolled out on kids first, as they have little ability to fight back, said Albrecht, who believes this is part of a process to condition children, so that later in life they'll accept the "Mark of the Beast," as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. The tracking technology in the Texas schools is not only needlessly invasive, but students could suffer negative health consequences from the radio frequencies constantly being emitted, she pointed out. Albrecht has set up the Chip Free Schools website, as a way of calling attention to the Texas school policy, and to form a course of action against it.


Living on a Hopi Reservation, Thomas O. Mills, was introduced to Hopi Elders who over the course of decades shared with him their history, lore, and prophecies. In the latter half of the show, he discussed the Hopi creation story, and how he connected it to the pyramids and other ancient structures on Earth. The Hopi's creation story differs from both the Garden of Eden, and Darwinism, he noted. It describes a creator traveling through space with his nephew, and a beautiful female named "Spider Woman." They found the planet Earth, but it was wobbling in space, and was initially too unstable for life. The creator instructed his nephew to add air and water, and declared there would be six destruction/creation cycles to follow.

Mills said there are pyramids located at certain synchronized longitudes around the world, and theorized they were used to balance the planet, during the various creation cycles (see related graphics below). According to the Hopi, the first destruction of the world was by fire around 50,000 years ago, and the "Ant People" rescued some of the humans. Since then, we have gone through ice and water destruction cycles, and are now facing the end of the fourth world, he stated.

News segment guests: Ryan Mauro, Dr. Peter Breggin



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