John Milor

John Milor


John Milor is mostly known for pioneer research in the emerging field of Christian ufology – a combination of ancient astronaut theory, but with a Christian worldview, especially as current events relate to eschatology (aka end-times prophecy). He has been researching this field for three decades. John's interest in understanding the paranormal began at a young age after hearing his great grandmother's tale of seeing a UFO over 100 years ago.

This story and many other otherworldly encounters in his family have fueled Milor’s quest to understand the unseen realities surrounding us. He is a retired Chief Master Sergeant in the Air National Guard, and was also the Chief of Cyber Operations for the US Western Air Defense Sector.



Past Shows:

  • Natural Remedies / Antichrist & ETs

    Pharmacist Ben Fuchs talked about natural health remedies and the nutrients our bodies need to maintain good health. Followed by author John Milor on his research on how the Antichrist will have affiliations with extraterrestrials.More »
  • Aliens & the Antichrist

    Appearing during the middle two hours, author John Milor discussed his biblical research into aliens and the Antichrist. UFOs were mentioned in the Bible-- described as flying chariots with horses on fire, he said.According to his reading of the Bible, references to angels are...More »

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