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Natural Remedies / Antichrist & ETs

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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs talked about natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health. 80 million Americans suffer from hypertension, he noted, and proposed that much of this problem has to do with gut health and a vitamin B1 deficiency. Digestive health, in fact, is the key to treating a large number of ailments, Fuchs went on, saying, "The belly doesn't lie." Leaky gut, diverticulitis, and even cancer can result from neglecting this central system of the body.

Fuchs offered several other tips for maintaining good health. Although we are often warned about the dangers of cholesterol, for example, he said that it's actually vital to proper brain health. Being careful about sugar intake can help with high cholesterol, however, he explained.

Although some foods, like fruit seeds, contain small amounts of toxins, Fuchs argued that they also contain medicinal substances that are actually beneficial. Almonds contain laetrile, which Fuchs claimed was an anti-cancer agent despite being a toxin. "It's kind of like using chemotherapy, except it's a natural form of chemotherapy," he asserted.


Following in the second half was author and researcher John Milor, who discussed his lifelong interest in aliens. In contrast to his fellow Christians, Milor explained that he doesn't believe that ETs are necessarily demonic in origin or that their existence would unravel Christian doctrine. Although he doesn't see mainstream Christian theology as "getting it wrong" per se, he believes that careful study of the Bible will reveal that actual, physical ETs and UFOs exist, and are central to an understanding of Christianity's teachings.

Calling the Bible "the most paranormal book I've ever read," Milor described an ongoing battle between the forces of good and evil taking place in the heavens, which would include the involvement of UFOs. The fallen angels and Nephilim described in the Bible, he continued, could be interpreted as ETs. Lucifer himself, in fact, is a particular type of ET.

Milor cited a number of current developments that, he said, reflect the predictions set forth in the Bible: rivers drying up, proposals for a digital passport, and increased governmental control, for example.

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