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Morgan Knudsen

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Award-winning founder of Entityseeker Paranormal Research & Teachings (the evolution of The Association for Psychical Research in Canada, 1918) as well as the world-renowned Teaching the Living program for clients, Morgan Knudsen brings classes and presentations on this phenomenon to a new level. With inspiring lectures that include fire art demonstrations, mind-blowing evidence, and uplifting stories, Morgan makes audiences recognize that managing who they are on the inside, directly impacts what they experience on the outside and to re-examine the world they thought they knew.

She can currently be seen on various television networks internationally, such as Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Destination America, T+E, UK's Quest Red, and is the resident paranormal specialist featured on Haunted Hospitals and Paranormal 9-1-1. Morgan is also a featured writer and contributor to Haunted Magazine.



Past shows:

Biblical Prophecy and Current Events / Spirits & Hauntings

Steve Quayle correlated biblical prophecy with current plagues, wars. and earth changes. Followed by Morgan Knudsen on the connection between hauntings and the living. More »


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