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Theodore White

Theodore Whitepicture


Theodore White is a writer and forecasting professional astrologer. A veteran crime reporter, he was raised in a blue-collar police family and began study of Astrology & Astronomy at the age of 10 as part of a classical education. His childhood tutors were Charles Jayne & Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson. His interests include World history, Literature, climatology/meteorology, astrophysics, art, anthropology, celestial mechanics, geography, mathematics, medicine, aesthetics, geophysics, chemistry & theology. A polymath, Theodore studied natural astrology, stellar cartography & astrometeorology - advancing to Applied Astrology. His expertise ranges from advanced climate/weather forecasting to mundane astrology, natal astrology & secondary progressions.


Past shows:

Current Events and Astrology / Religion and the Paranormal

Theodore White shared predictions and insights based on 'astrometeorology.' Followed by Scott S. Smith and Sandra Wells with their work bridging the paranormal and religion. More »


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